Here’s the truth:
  • Planning a trip somewhere is overwhelming
  • And it’s even harder if you don’t know anyone where you’re visiting
That’s why providing a great resource for new arrivals or visitors to Charleston is the goal of this blog.
Every page on this Charleston hipster blog offers advice on the experience of being in Charleston, South Carolina. I cover everything from bars to restaurants to attractions. Sometimes I even opine on what I observe here in Charleston. All from the point of view of a local hipster that’s been around the block a time or two.

About the Writer of the Best of Hipster Charleston

This is a one-person operation. I write when I’m not working my day job.

Colin Pearson, Hipster Writer

Colin Pearson, writer for Best of Hipster CharlestonI moved to Charleston, South Carolina, after bouncing around the East Coast of the United States and around the world. Born and raised in Connecticut, I have lived at various times in:
  • Williamsburg, Virginia
  • Montpellier, France
  • Sevilla, Spain
  • Kasungu, Malawi
  • Ashfield, Massachusetts
  • Greenwich, Connecticut
Over a few visits to Charleston, I was shown some of the best parts of the city by local friends. After such a fantastic introduction, I decided to settle in Charleston and make it my home. And years later, Charleston is still one of my favorite places I’ve lived.

How the Best of Hipster Charleston Came to Be

Having lived all over, and now living in one of the most visited locations in the world, I get a lot of visitors.
Originally, I started this blog to have one spot of all my recommendations when people came to visit.
After a few months, I realized strangers were finding my content and appreciating it as well.To the point where the site crashed in March 2017 from getting too many visitors on a daily basis. And unlike other Charleston travel guides, all recommendations come from a resident who knows the area well.
The Best of Hipster Charleston is still up and running. All it took was a new hosting bill and adding AdSense to keep it free for visitors (and me).

What’s Going On Now?

The Best of Hipster Charleston is pretty much just a creative side project for a guy that likes to write. I also use this to experiment with search engine optimization.
Yes, that sounds boring. But we all have our hobbies.

What’s On Offer

It has a few benefits for people besides me, though:
  • free advice for people looking to visit or not sure what to do
  • highlights of (and links to) cool, new and local businesses I find
Feel free to contact me via email if you have questions or can’t find information you need on the site. I’m always looking for new writing topics.
If you find this website helpful, all I ask for is a review on Google.
Or a beer when you’re in town.
Up to you.

Why is the City of Charleston, South Carolina So Fantastic?

If you’ve been to Charleston, you’ll understand why this city warrants so much praise. People who live here are here for the quality of life they can enjoy. Many choose to live here of all the various options available to them.
Charleston is rapidly shaking-off a staid, insular reputation it had gained over the decades and centuries. It is now rapidly establishing itself as a city that punches well above the belt for cultural and influential clout.
Not sure what that means?
Charleston, South Carolina, is a relatively small city (though 34 people a day are moving here on average). That said, it has quite the influence as both a foodie city and a tourist destination (with a $3 billion impact on the local economy).
Other cities in the South like Richmond are being called, “the new Charleston for foodies”. Keep in mind that imitation is the highest form of flattery. Charleston is very influential on Southern culture in general.

Why Do You Need to Visit Charleston Soon?

If the reasons above aren’t enough for you, there are plenty more. Historic downtown Charleston is a sight to see for anyone. For Northerners, think of downtown Charleston as Beacon Hill in Boston stretched over an entire city. Beautiful historic buildings line the streets. The entire city seems to invite visitors and locals alike to meander through the streets. And every corner is an opportunity to discover some hidden, quintessentially Charlestonian spot.
But there’s more to do than wander around downtown, there are:
But most importantly, the locals are friendly to visitors and newcomers. It seems like everyone could be a tour guide here. Or they could at least make-up a fanciful story of what happened historically anywhere. And if you’re already living here, you should definitely be taking advantage of all there is on offer here.