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couple walking on a cobblestone street while taking one of the best charleston walking tours

12 of the Best Charleston Walking Tours

cobblestone alley you can find off of east bay street when taking one of the best charleston walking toursYears ago, I decided to move to Charleston while walking around its historic downtown.


All Charleston is beautiful, but one of the most unique aspects of the city is the peninsula. And walking around it is the best way to experience it.


But free Charleston walking tours (led by you) can only get you so far. You could theoretically do your research before you go, then try to find the places you found online or in books.

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pineapples, the charleston and southern symbol of hospitality, are present as icons throughout most of these romantic historic district charleston bed and breakfasts

10 of the Most Romantic Bed and Breakfasts in Downtown Charleston, SC

breakfast in bed at one of the most romantic bed and breakfasts in the historic district of charleston, scMany of the people who’ve heard of bed and breakfasts before cringe at the sound. They think of things like:

  • doilies
  • sleeping at their grandparents’ house
  • being supremely uncomfortable around old people

Fortunately, bed and breakfast inns have changed a lot (for the better). New changes in the market like Airbnb have made bed and breakfasts accessible to a new generation of potential guests. In this case, Millennials like me. And while you’ll still find cringe-worthy B&B inns out there, you won’t find any of them on this list of the most romantic bed and breakfasts in Charleston, SC.

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downtown charleston garden in spring, the best time to visit charleston sc

The Best Time to Visit Charleston, SC: Top Choices

drayton hall in the summer, one of the best times to visit charleston scThere is no best time to visit Charleston, SC. Like any other place in the world, each season and month has positives and negatives.
That said, before I experienced my first summer here, I dreaded the summers in Charleston.

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the gardens at the nathaniel russell house in downtown charleston sc

Discover the Beauty of the Nathaniel Russell House in Charleston, SC

side of the nathaniel russell house in downtown charleston sc

Charleston, South Carolina, became an international tourist destination first for its historic homes.
Historic downtown Charleston, SC, was in poverty for so long that nothing was torn-down. In the past few decades, America has finally come around to appreciate historic buildings and its history again. And Charleston still has most of its charm.

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rainbow row in charleston sc

Why is Rainbow Row So Famous in Charleston, SC?

rainbow row in charleston sc

I’m going to be completely honest, I don’t understand why Rainbow Row is such a big deal. The line of colored buildings are pretty to look at the first couple times you see them. But there’s no long-term appeal of this historic Charleston tourist attraction.

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