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Top 20 Charleston Travel Tips and Tricks to Know Before You Visit

charleston travel tips include visiting the hidden gem that is the angel oak on johns island of charleston sc

The Angel Oak tree is bigger than you’ll expect, and a hidden gem on Johns Island

Charleston, South Carolina, is one of the best places I’ve lived. And I spent years bouncing around like a tumbleweed. As of last year, Charleston, SC, is where I have lived the longest since I lived at my parents’ full-time in high school.


Like a lot of other people that live here, I visited a couple times, loved it, and decided to move here. The steady influx of outsiders has changed the traditional delineation of Charleston society between locals and outsiders, or people “from off”.


There are still some Charleston travel tips and tricks to know before you step foot here to help you blend-in. Follow the below (and be conscientious) and you’ll avoid being one of those tourists that people here hate.

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downtown charleston garden in spring, the best time to visit charleston sc

The Best Time to Visit Charleston, SC: Top Choices

drayton hall in the summer, one of the best times to visit charleston scThere is no best time to visit Charleston, SC. Like any other place in the world, each season and month has positives and negatives.
That said, before I experienced my first summer here, I dreaded the summers in Charleston.

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friends cheering beers at a charleston bar, one of the fun things to do in charleston sc at night

21 of the Most Fun Things to Do in Charleston, SC, at Night

evening over the charleston marina, a visit here is one of the fun things to do in charleston sc at nightThere’s no beating around the bush: Charleston, South Carolina, has a strong connection to alcohol and dining. Most lists of fun things to do in Charleston, SC, at night often feature food and booze at the top of the list.

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visitors enjoying the best brunch in downtown charleston sc

A Hunt for the Best Brunch in Downtown Charleston, SC: 21 Places

the best Sunday brunch in Charleston, SC, usually includes either heavy, Southern comfort food, or lighter fare

The South is famous for its comfort food.

And that holds true with its unique additions to the American breakfast diet.

Any place that could create unique concoctions like chicken and waffles must know what they’re doing. Brunch in Charleston, South Carolina, is certainly no different. There are so many places opening and closing that locals and tourists alike can get breakfast out regularly without getting bored.

But then you’d be poor.

surfing is another one of the most fun outdoor things to do in charleston sc

10 of the Most Fun Outdoor Things to Do in Charleston, SC

exploring the swamps and wild places near charleston is one of the most fun outdoor things to do in charleston scCharleston, South Carolina, is a sweet place to live. The weather’s great year-round, and there are plenty of ways to explore the outdoors and water no matter the season. The only thing really missing from the palette of fun outdoor things to do in Charleston, SC, would be mountains for some better hiking. But no place is perfect.

Despite that (obvious) lack, there’s another major plus of our corner of the world where the South slides into the Atlantic Ocean.

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