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38 of the Best Hotels in Charleston, SC

luxury amenities at one of the best luxury hotels in charleston sc

Struggling to narrow down your hotel options in Charleston, SC?


We’ve sifted through dozens of hotels and narrowed it down to the best ones in Charleston. These hotels offer just the right combination of amenities and great locations to stand out from the competition.


Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway or an affordable option close to everything, we can help find you a hotel that meets your needs.


With so many lodging options, the choice doesn’t have to be overwhelming. This article is here to help you make a decision and feel more confident about your travels. Find what works best for your budget and preferences with our helpful guide! It offers detailed reviews of each hotel along with insider tips on making the most out of your stay in Charleston.


Check out our list now and pick one of these great hotels to enjoy some true Southern hospitality! And afterward, keep reading for more insider tips about visiting Charleston SC!


look over a map of charleston, like the metal one at waterfront park, before thinking of moving to charleston sc

Thinking of Moving to Charleston, SC? 23 Things No One Tells You

most people envision looking out their windows at historic mansions when thinking of moving to charleston scAre you thinking of moving to Charleston, SC?


So is everyone else, it feels like.


In fact, 28 people move to the three counties of the Charleston metro region every day.


Now that it’s on the map, it didn’t take long for Charleston to become the largest city in South Carolina, with 153,040 people as of 2023.


Plenty of articles and people (especially real estate agents) will list all kinds of fantastic qualities of the experience of moving to Charleston.


An abridged list includes:

  1. The beaches
  2. The history
  3. The friendly people
  4. The world-class food scene
  5. The beauty of Lowcountry nature and abundance of outdoor activities
  6. Beautiful weather (especially compared to the Northeast and Midwest)

And there’s no question these are all huge selling points for living in Charleston.


But there are a few things I, as someone who was previously thinking about moving to Charleston before picking up and settling here, would have appreciated knowing beforehand.

Top 20 Charleston Travel Tips and Tricks to Know Before You Visit

charleston travel tips include visiting the hidden gem that is the angel oak on johns island of charleston sc

The Angel Oak tree is bigger than you’ll expect, and a hidden gem on Johns Island

Charleston, South Carolina, is one of the best places I’ve lived. And I spent years bouncing around like a tumbleweed. As of last year, Charleston, SC, is where I have lived the longest since I lived at my parents’ full-time in high school.


Like a lot of other people that live here, I visited a couple times, loved it, and decided to move here. The steady influx of outsiders has changed the traditional delineation of Charleston society between locals and outsiders, or people “from off”.


There are still some Charleston travel tips and tricks to know before you step foot here to help you blend-in. Follow the below (and be conscientious) and you’ll avoid being one of those tourists that people here hate.

clock on East Montague Avenue in Park Circle, North Charleston, SC, in front of a sunset

A Hipster’s Guide to Park Circle, in North Charleston, SC

outdoor dining on east montague avenue in park circle of north charleston, sc

By North Charleston from North Charleston, SC, United States [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Flickr

I came this close to moving to Park Circle instead of downtown Charleston when at first I was moving to Charleston.

I love living downtown, but there are times when I’m in Park Circle that I kind of regret my decision.

Not enough to move, though.


For me, it’s likely more my scene, and seems to be becoming more so as people I associate with are priced-out of historic downtown Charleston.

biking in charleston sc at sunrise

A Hipster’s Guide to Biking in Charleston, SC

biking from charleston sc to folly beach south carolinaI had a tenuous relationship with bicycles for most of my life.


Fortunately, my views on biking has changed a lot in the intervening years. Today, between friends who enjoy biking in Charleston, SC, and my own experiences, I can give some insight into the cycling scene here.

24 of the Best Things to Do in Charleston, SC, with Kids

visiting Sullivan's Island beach is one of the best things to do in Charleston, SC, with kidsCan I be totally honest with you?

There is no more effective birth control in the world than traveling with kids (except babysitting).

Family-friendly vacations often don’t seem too friendly to all family members.

It’s a familiar story and it usually goes like this:

  • Rigid schedules
  • Finding places to eat with chicken nuggets
  • Fears of them having a melt-down in public

We’ve all been there:

This list came to be from dragging families with young children around Charleston, in fact.

But good news:

Traveling to Charleston can be pretty breezy with tykes in tow. Lucky for you there are plenty of fun things to do in Charleston, SC, with kids. Here’s a list of this writer’s favorite fun things for kids to do in Charleston, South Carolina, spoken from experience.

downtown charleston garden in spring, the best time to visit charleston sc

The Best Time to Visit Charleston, SC: Top Choices

drayton hall in the summer, one of the best times to visit charleston scThere is no best time to visit Charleston, SC. Like any other place in the world, each season and month has positives and negatives.
That said, before I experienced my first summer here, I dreaded the summers in Charleston.
woman eating the best pizza in charleston sc

Where to Find the Best Pizza in Charleston, SC: 4 Choices

shot of a pie of the best pizza in charleston scHaving lived in the New York area for an extensive part of my life, I know a thing or two about pizza. It can either be fantastic, or it can be something more akin to the mass-produced junk you see on TV. Or it can be served $1 per slice in New York City. But as far as finding the best pizza in Charleston, SC, the list is actually fairly short.

antique books on the bookshelf of one of the used bookstores in charleston sc

8 of the Best Book Stores in Charleston, SC

antique books on the bookshelf of one of the used bookstores in charleston sc

In an age when everything literary is likely read on a screen, it’s quite to hold a book in your hands.

Maybe it’s the weight of it.

Perhaps it’s the ease of reading on the eyes compared to a computer or phone screen.

It could be the connection to generations of readers before you, but there is something about reading an old-fashioned book.

It is definitely a hipster thing to appreciate books and a great used book store. Either way, there are plenty of book stores in Charleston, SC, to feed your addiction.

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